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The Council of Canadians brings people together through collective action and grassroots organizing to challenge corporate power and advocate for people, the planet and our democracy.

Chapters promote the Council of Canadians' local, provincial and national campaigns, act as local watchdogs, and promote social and economic justice on a day-to-day basis.

The Ottawa Chapter advocates for social and environmental justice in the Ottawa Valley region. Our work takes place on unceded Algonquin Anishinabe territory.

We are committed to advancing Indigenous sovereignty, environmental protection, and social justice by holding our elected officials accountable to the communities they serve. We fight against increasing privatization, austerity, and corporate greed.

Our Ottawa Chapter is cooperatively run by enthusiastic volunteer citizens who are committed to advocating for a better Ottawa.


We welcome new members at any time! Please reach out via the Contact Us page or our email address found below.

Themes for the Ottawa chapter's organizing



The Council of Canadians stands up for democracy as a fundamental pillar of our society.

Energy & Climate


We are pushing all levels of government for strong policies that protect our environment and focus on renewable and sustainable energy solutions.

Health Care


All Canadians should have access to the same services and quality of care. That care should be provided by a national public system.



We campaign to make trade deals fair, and trade policy open and democratic.



Water is a human right and as such, must be protected from privatization, pollution and bulk exports.

Housing and Homelessness


There is a housing crisis in Ottawa that needs to be addressed. We support and work with ACORN and other local organizations on this issue.

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